Letter Writing Activity #Dreams

set goal, make plan, work, and stick to it...

set goal, make plan, work, and stick to it…

I decided to do an impromptu writing activity in Language Arts/Writing today. The students will participate in a letter writing activity about their future aspirations. Students will begin class with a bell work question, “Describe 3 realistic life goals that you want to reach by the age of 18.” Once they have completed that, they will be given the following instructions:


1) You will be writing a letter about your future dreams and aspirations.

2) Address the letter to yourself (future you)

3) List specific goals that you hope to attain by the age of 18 and beyond.

4) For every goal, give yourself advice on how to reach that goal.

5) Open the letter upon high school graduation or when you feel yourself getting off track later in life.

6) Insert 7th Grade picture that Mr. Sye has cut out for you.

7) Seal it with a promise that you will put forth the effort to reach as many life goals as possible!


The main objective is to help students continue to think about possible goals that they may have for themselves in the future…


5 thoughts on “Letter Writing Activity #Dreams

    • Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to take a few things that may help you out in your future classroom…

  1. This letter writing activity is really helpful. I’ve once read a blog post confessing about her experience of really receiving an email from her past self.

    As I read her post, I can feel that the activity she had was really fun. So, I think that letter writing activity #dreams you are writing there is really cool too.

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