Letter Writing Activity #Dreams

set goal, make plan, work, and stick to it...

set goal, make plan, work, and stick to it…

I decided to do an impromptu writing activity in Language Arts/Writing today. The students will participate in a letter writing activity about their future aspirations. Students will begin class with a bell work question, “Describe 3 realistic life goals that you want to reach by the age of 18.” Once they have completed that, they will be given the following instructions:


1) You will be writing a letter about your future dreams and aspirations.

2) Address the letter to yourself (future you)

3) List specific goals that you hope to attain by the age of 18 and beyond.

4) For every goal, give yourself advice on how to reach that goal.

5) Open the letter upon high school graduation or when you feel yourself getting off track later in life. Continue reading

Staff vs Students Basketball Game

Mr. Sye taking a much needed rest ;]

Mr. Sye taking a much-needed rest ;]

I say this with a lot of humility, I’m still having a little trouble walking after our thrilling game. My 32 year old body doesn’t heal as quickly as it used to. Needless to say, the staff beat the boys basketball team 42-41 in overtime. I had 8pts, 3 rebounds, and countless 3 second violations…LoL That 6th to 8th Grade team gave us a run for our money. I felt like collapsing several times, but it was all in fun. I took my 5th period class to the event. I even let my Language Arts/Writing classes know that they could use this as their event for their current assignment [Investigative Reporting Assignment]. All in all, it was obviously about more than a staff vs. students game. For students, it was a chance to take on their elders and have some bragging rights. For teachers and staff, it was a chance to be shown in a more jovial light and hopefully not embarrass ourselves. Especially yours truly, who had engaged in a bit of light-hearted trash talking during the week leading up to the game;] Continue reading