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Free Lesson Plans and More…

After numerous requests for lesson plans, I’ve decided to put some materials on Teachers Pay Teachers. Some will be free and others will be for sale. Materials will include but not be limited to the following: lesson plans, vocabulary units, class notes, and various writing assignments. The material will cover grades 7th, 9th, 10th, and 12th.

Free Material for a limited time:

Task Summary: Students will be exploring multiple intelligences independently through an activity that will be called a Passion Project. Students will have designated time on Fridays, or to be determined day, to work on this student-driven project. The only parameter in terms of boundaries will be projects that would be considered school appropriate. Use best judgment. Passion projects has spawned things such as GMail & Google News; it has been referred to as Genius Hour…

Task Summary: Students will participate in an activity centered around Tupac Shakur’s poem, In the Event of My Demise. Students will watch a short media clip via Biography to gain background knowledge on the subject. Students will then participate by answering specific questions…


Word of The Day Battle

Task Summary: Students will be given a chance to collaboratively work with their peers to create a story based on the words from the vocabulary homework. This will help with comprehension as well as…

Of Mice & Men Historical Context Activities [Great Depress
Activities include two class activities that provide historical context to the novel, Of Mice and Men. One can be used as a pre-read, and the other can be used during class reading around chapter 2 or 3. They…

Novel Station Project
Summary of Task: At the end of our novel, your will receive several options to show comprehension of the text read. Your options will be called Novel Stations. Each station has a prompt that you should read…

large-1951353-1.jpgStudents will participate in an activity that will focus on finding the main idea as well as finding what conclusions are being made in the text read by using textual evidence to support their analysis. Students will have the option to go to Huffington…

Vocabulary Units (400+/- words)
– The preview is an answer key. Answer keys are provided for all 400 words. – The zip file includes documents with word lists. – If you purchase the product, I will send the share codes for quizzes via

12.RI.08 EEI Lesson Plan
Objective: Student can explain and evaluate the reasoning in seminal US texts. EQ: What are seminal US texts? Why is it important to evaluate them? What are constitutional principles and legal reasoning?

Exploratory Writing Unit
Zip File includes the following: expectations with prompts, extended writing assignment, assignment rubric, format example, and scoring system for daily writing activities. – This unit will be broken up into…

Writing Lesson Plan Bundle (12th Grade)
This bundle includes lesson plans for 12th Grade Writing Standards 12.W.01, 12.W.02, 12.W.03, 12.W.04, 12.W.05, 12.W.07, 12.W.08, 12.W.09. I’ve also included two 12th Grade Reading Standards…

Freestyle Friday Vocabulary Challenge
Task: Students will participate in a vocabulary/storytelling challenge after the vocabulary quiz in an effort to gain more comprehension as well as provide real-world meaning to weekly vocabulary words. To be…

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