Grammatically Speaking Challenge

Grammatically Speaking

Grammatically Speaking

We had a little fun today in Language Arts/Writing with a game called Grammatically Speaking. I first viewed the quiz/game/challenge via my Facebook feed. I took the challenge, and I earned a 91%. I thought it was pretty fun as well as had the potential for friendly competition between my writing classes. The online quiz is provided by Staples. They prefaced the game with the following: “Whether you’re a stickler for good grammar or just curious about your punctuation prowess, test your grammar know-how with the Grammatically Speaking quiz. Use the dials to select the correct answers and then challenge your friends to beat your score.” I always tell my students that nobody has perfect grammar, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t try. I also let them know, proper grammar is the best as well as quickest way to get your point across. Furthermore, I let them know that their teacher still struggles with all the rules, so don’t feel bad if you make a few mistakes…

If you’d like to take the test, go [here]

The two classes competed very honorably. Since we don’t have enough computers for all the students, I surveyed the students to get a majority vote in order to select our final answers to each of the 16 questions. The first class received a 66%, and my last class received a 56%. I let them know that I appreciated their efforts, and that we clearly had more work to do. However, we are on the right track. They showed a lot of enthusiasm as well as a competitive spirit in this competition/challenge. The winner will be announced tomorrow, and I’m sure they will all enjoy that as well. I love when learning is fun and takes a turn towards being competitive. I’m always looking for games like this, so if anybody reads this and has one, pass it along…

6 thoughts on “Grammatically Speaking Challenge

  1. Your quiz is a good one! However, you should fix the explanation on page 15. The object of the verb “lay” is the book, not the table. 🙂

  2. Your quiz is a good one! It is however incorrect, stating when to use that / which.
    Which is only used, when referring to an individual/being.

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