Class Reenactment of Monster by Walter Dean Myers – #ShowTime

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9/18/2013 – Our Language Arts/Literature class has completed the reading of  “Monster” by Walter Dean Myers. I have decided to bring the novel to life. Here is a handout that I will be giving the students in order to give them a visual as well as audio directions [here].  The students will be introduced to the task of reenacting the trial based on the book. Students will be selected to volunteer for their roles in the recreating the trial based on the book. There will be a voting process as well as stump speeches for final selection to keep things fair and balanced. Once character roles are selected, the class will be given an allotted amount of time to discover what their role entails. After that individual time, students will be split into teams of Defense, Prosecution, and Jury to brainstorm for ideas and strategies for the pending trial. I must admit, I am far from theatrical, and I do not pretend to be dramatic on purpose. That being said, I think this will be a good opportunity for the students to put their own spin on a book they thoroughly enjoyed! They are also in the process of completing a 5 Question Essay Assignment [see here]. Continue reading