How To Do a Research Outline Explained by The President & Simon Cowell – [XtraNormal Video]


I tried my hand at video editing/making with the help of XtraNormal. I’m not quite sure how this will go over in class, but I thought I’d infuse some humor along with helpful information for the students sake. I made the video to give an extra visual for students when they complete this handout [here] in a hands on activity. The video will be prefaced with instructions from the teacher followed by the activity. The activity includes making an outline to be used for a 5-Paragraph Essay/Research Paper. The activity will take place on 3/14/2013. I thought the extra visual would help the activity run smoother. As previously mentioned, following the video, students will participate in hands on activity (activity #4 during the class) based on creating an outline, β€œ5 Paragraph Essay Outline for Research Paper.” Student will be given instructions on how to complete handout via overhead projector, verbally, and visually w/ the previously mentioned XtraNormal video. Student will be given 7-12 minutes to begin their outline. Completion is encourages, but isn’t mandatory to receive a ticket out of class. We shall see how it goes. Here is a peek at the video [above]. As you can see, I don’t quite have video editing quite figured out yet. The clip is about 6 minutes. Not sure if I will do this again, and I only purchased a one month $10 subscription πŸ˜‰

Students will be referring to this (below) during video… Continue reading