One Shining Moment #LifeGoals

On Wednesday, I will pose the following question during bell work, “what will be your defining moment(s) in your lifetime?” I will use the “One Shining Moment” media clip via the NCAA montage of highlights that they have at the end of March Madness to jump start the discussion (below). Students will see this question before we watch the 3 minute clip. Once the clip is finished, we will then open up the floor for discussion about life goals. At this age, students are beginning to define who they are. That being said, they are in the beginning stages of that process, but it’s never too early to start thinking about their future. My main objective is for students to think about their future, and I will reach that objective through multimedia as well as classroom discussions. This should serve as a nice break from AIMS (Arizona’s Measurement for Measuring Standards) that we have on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday… Continue reading

Staff vs Students Basketball Game (2013/2014)

Staff 45 - Students 42

Staff 45 – Students 42

As March Madness begins to peek around the corner, the Staff vs Students Basketball Game took place on Friday. It was fun, but I was exhausted as were the other teachers. The staff pulled out the win, 45-42. I wish I could say I scored a lot of points, but my main objective was to not pass out on the court. Much respect to basketball players and referees because I’m not quite sure how they do that and be competitive at the same time…LOL I’m still trying to catch my breath, so this win will have to last all the way until next year 😉 Continue reading

March Madness Bracket Challenge = Teacher For a Day;]


[*Printable Bracket via SB Nation] As March Madness sets upon us, I have decided to let the students that are interested get a taste of the madness for themselves. Throughout the year, various students have asked if they could be the teacher for a day. They’ve either asked because they think I’m boring, or they think they can do a better job than I can;) Well, today is their chance. However, like in life, nothing is given, they must earn this via our March Madness Bracket Challenge. I’ve been scavenging the internet for a Language Arts lesson that connects the NCAA Tournament into the classroom, but I’ve had no luck. I did find one, but it was for math. I did find a few writing prompts that I will use for bell work. They can be viewed [here]. If anybody has one for Language Arts, please send it my way. I digress, participation will be optional. When I made the announcement, I had a medium level of interest. I think the whole idea of taking over the class is what really piqued their interest. I always welcome competition in my classroom. The winner will get to be the teacher on a to be determined half-day in April during their specific class. The winner will sit down with the teacher (me), and we will go over how to make a lesson plan with an objective for the class to reach by the end of the class period. This will not be a free for all;) The winners will be expected to teach the class something, and they will receive as much guidance as they need…

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