Roots Letter Writing Assignment [Post Any Questions]


Task: You have been tasked with writing a letter. You will have 3 options for this assignment. You are to use your imagination, creativity, and prior knowledge of how to write a letter during this assignment. Please refer to your notes that you were instructed to take during our view & responds as well as the rubric (attached below).  The students were given in-class time to begin this assignment, and they were instructed to complete the rest of assignment at home over the weekend. I also let students know that if they had any questions, comments, or concerns to post to the blog in order to get immediate feedback. If you are student reading this, and you have a question, please comment in the appropriate section (below).

Roots Letter Writing Assignment [here]

Roots Letter Writing Rubric [here]

Bully Movie Trailer – View & Respond (La/Writing HW – 3/14)

Instructions: As mentioned in class today, you are responsible for viewing and responding to this movie trailer to the movie Bully. The trailer can be viewed below via YouTube. You are expected to view the story as well as read the background information that will be provided via IMDB. You will receive credit (10pts) by responding using the 5W’s as well as summarizing your thoughts (be specific) about the movie trailer. Your response will go in the comment section. Please leave your first name and the first initial of your last name when it prompts you to do so when making a comment in order to receive credit. If you have any questions, please see me on Friday during class…

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