Arizona Teacher Talks About How CHARACTER COUNTS! Works

Best Practices in Character Education: Q & A With Teacher James Sye

Best Practices in Character Education: Q & A With Teacher James Sye

The following is courtesy of Character Educator Blog:

In his latest blog post, CHARACTER COUNTS! Director Jeff McMurdy spotlights a few exemplary educators who are doing great things with CHARACTER COUNTS!. James Sye, a seventh-grade language arts teacher at La Paloma Academy in Tucson, Arizona, was one of them. We asked him to share his perspective and a few pointers on how he makes CHARACTER COUNTS! work in his classroom.

What is your most important goal with your students? How does character education or pro-social learning factor into it?

As a 7th-grade language arts teacher, I have several goals. Over the course of the year, my primary goal is to get my students to read like detectives and to write like investigative reporters. In terms of including character education, I feel it’s my responsibility to teach my students life skills that revolve around being productive citizens as well as people of high character. CC! is a great tool to model good behavior.

In your blog, you’ve written about CHARACTER COUNTS! and the Six Pillars of Character. How have people responded to these posts? 

I’ve received nothing but positive feedback. Continue reading