Air Force One Contest [Extrinsic Reward]


I made my students a deal today, and it involves a pair of Air Force 1’s. My brother gave these to me, and I figured I would never wear them due to the colors as well as my age ;] Luckily, I teach students that may like those random colors. I told them the following:  If you wear a size 12 or close to that size, I will give you these shoes. One stipulation, you have to receive an A in either Language Arts/Writing or Language Arts/Literature during the 4th Quarter. If there are multiple students that receive an A, the tie breaker will be based on overall percentage in specific class. If two or more students have the same percentage, the tie breaker will be the highest average from both Language Arts/Writing and Language Arts/Literature…

A little extrinsic reward, you bet. I have had several students staring at the mini-poster [here] I have hanging on my white board trying to devise a plan in order to get the shoes. I told them that there is a simple way, do the work your assigned and do it to the best of your ability. Lesson for the students, when you work hard for things, you give yourself an opportunity for good things to happen… On that same note, there is only one pair of shoes, so working hard, just like in life, might not get you want you want all the time. That being said, you still have to put forth the effort to give yourself an opportunity to be successful.