Any former students that may come across this blog, I want to say goodbye to you. It has been a pleasure teaching as well as being around all of you for the past 3 years! Although I have moved on to another school, I will make sure to stop by LPA whenever I get the chance. Make sure you continue to work hard and aim high. The sky is the limit. When times get hard, you keep moving! I will miss you all.

~ Mr. Sye

Closed for the Summer ;)

Summer Time!

Summer Time!

In my Boys To Men voice, we have come to the end of the road. School is now officially out for the Summer. We’ve all said our goodbyes, and 8th Grade Graduation was yesterday. I will miss that group of students, but it is time for the next step in their academic journey. I wished them well, and told them to make good choices because this is the next step in their life and the choices they make will determine who they will become in the near future…

As for my 7th Graders, the majority of students will be returning for their 8th Grade year, but a few won’t. Those were the hardest goodbyes. I told them my door is always open for them to stop by and say hello. For those leaving the state, I let them know the blog is open to say hello as well.

This year has flown by, and I have enjoyed it tremendously. I know I have given my best effort to prepare this group of kids for 8th Grade academically as well as socially.  Soon it will be time to get ready for the next group of kids. Until the end of July rolls around, I will have a busy summer. My first child will turn 1, so I will have my hands full. I will also start my Master’s Degree in Education this summer, so I will stay pretty active. I will keep this blog updated periodically… Enjoy the Summer!

AIMS Week – April 7th to April 11th #7thGradeChallenge

AIMS - April 7th to April 13th!

AIMS – April 7th to April 11th!

I’ve tried to motivate my students in various ways throughout the years (here & here), but this was a little different. I decided to have a little fun with my 7th Graders. On Thursday, we brainstormed for ideas that would embarrass Mr. Sye (me) as well as motivate students if they met/exceeded a certain level on their upcoming state standardized tests. There were several outrageous suggestions, but the classes settled on having me change my hair color. On Friday, I gave each of my Literature classes the following announcement: Have you ever wanted to embarrass Mr. Sye? Here is your chance! Mr. Sye has agreed to bleach his facial hair blonde as well as what little hair he has on his scalp Of course, there is a catch. He has challenged his 7th Graders on their upcoming AIMS (Arizona’s Instrument for Measuring Standards) test. If 95% of 7th Graders either meet or exceed the state standards (Literature Assessment), it will happen at the beginning of next school year…  Are you up for the challenge?

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Letter Writing Workshop – Persuasive Letter

Persuasion - the art of getting what you want...

Persuasion – the art of getting what you want…

Over the couple of weeks, the class has participated in several Letter Writing Workshops [here]. The first workshop was to review format and rules. Second workshop was a Persuasive Letter Writing Activity w/ format review & ticket out of class using COPS Error Monitoring Strategy to correct mistakes. The final workshop will be similar to the previously mentioned workshop.

[more details] Today the class will be prompted by the bell work to brainstorm about a school problem that they wish to address. The issue may include the following: bullying, school uniforms, school lunch options, school field trips, etc-etc. Students will then proceed to write the letter using the correct format for semi-formal letter writing. Students will focus on 5 key elements in the body of a persuasive letter after they have made sure to properly format their letter. Those 5 key elements are as follows: Continue reading

Spring Break

Arizona Marches On...

Arizona Marches On #Sweet…

There are no updates this week. Spring Break is upon us, and this is the time we take to prepare ourselves for the final stretch for the 4th Quarter. When I say we, I mean students as well as teachers… I will be taking the time to relax as well as catch up on some planning for next year when we switch over to common core standards. I’m currently working on my curriculum map for Language Arts/Literature for next year [see here]. With the focus on informational text being emphasized with next year’s switch to Common Core Curriculum, I will have to shift a few things around to meet those standards. However, it won’t be a major shift because informational text has been a point of emphasis during my first two years of teaching via Daily Reading Comprehension Worksheets, Vocabulary, and Active Reading Activities that focus on the previously mentioned. I look forward to the challenge.

Any students, parents, educators reading this enjoy your break because I know I will;) Arizona is still in the NCAA Tournament, so it will be an easy thing to do. I will also spend part of the break hoping my bracket numbers pick up the pace because my students are going to have a lot to say if they all beat me in our March Madeness Bracket Challenge…LoL

As a quick reminder to those who took advantage of the extension I offered, please make sure you turn your Research Paper Assignment in on our first day back, 4/3/2013…

Extra Visual for Invesitgative Reporting Assignment

There was a bit of confusion during the handing out of the classroom assignment [Investigative Reporting]. I took the time in class to clarify, but I still saw some confused faces. I have directed the students to this visual in order to clear things up as to how their work process should go. For any students taking the time to view this information, this will give you a visual as to how your work should be turned in. If any students/parents need further clarification, please send me an email at james.sye09@gmail.com or comment below – I will reply ASAP…

1) Web/Brainstorm 2) Rough Draft Materials includes Observation Report/Interview Questions 3) Final Draft includes Feature Article --->>> Click to Enlarge!

1) Web/Brainstorm 2) Rough Draft Materials include Observation Report & Interview Questions 3) Final Draft includes Feature Article —>>> Click to Enlarge!