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Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 5.51.41 PMAfter about three years, I’ve decided to reactivate the blog. The blog will be used for several of the following purposes: offering educational resources, posting about miscellaneous educational topics, and I’m not quite sure what else. I figured I would start off by sharing a few free resources. Who doesn’t like free? 

There are 9 free teaching resources, below, that I’d like to share with others. The only request that I will make is that if you find them useful, share them with others. You’re able to directly go to each individual resource, below, by clicking on the title, or you may view all of them on my TPT Store. I also have over 30 resources for sale… Enjoy!

Levels of Questions (LoQs)

***This works with any text. It’s a strategy I learned while in PD at Empire High School. I’ve been using it for years, and it engages students while keeping them accountable during the reading of a text. I’ve used this strategy when teaching 7th
Character Wheel Project w/ Rubric (FREE)
This character wheel project is one way to show the complexity of a character students have become familiar with during their reading. The wheel is essentially a collage that is split into 8 different sections and shows the character the students
Senior Exit Project (Research Writing)
The Senior Exit project is an attempt to prepare students for their future field of study. This is not a surface level project; it’s a project that focuses on research writing. Students will be asked to focus on their future, and for some, that may
The Reversal Book
The book will be available for digital download on iTunes via iBooks. This book is also available for download & paperback order via KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). iBooks: (free digital
SAT Vocabulary Words (9th Grade+)
Zipfile includes the following: 37+ weeks of word lists (10 words per list) and 37+ weeks of answer keys for all lists… This will be a good foundation for any teacher looking to help build vocabulary. Word of thee Day
Mother's Day Letter/Poem Activity Instructions
For your entire lives, your mother has been by your side. It’s now time to take some time to thank your mother for putting up with all your teeneage ways. Some have great relationships with their mother, some have okay relationships with their
Novel Station Project (Rubric)
This is the rubric that goes with the Novel Station Project…
Novel Station Project
Summary of Task: At the end of our novel, your will receive several options to show comprehension of the text read. Your options will be called Novel Stations. Each station has a prompt that you should read through to decide if that is the task you
7th Grade Lesson Plans (1 year)
*** You will need to edit/revise/update these plans because they’re somewhat underdeveloped, but the zip file contains a good starting point with notes as well as curriculum maps. Also, it’s a free resource… These plans include lesson plans

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