AIMS Week – April 7th to April 11th #7thGradeChallenge

AIMS - April 7th to April 13th!

AIMS – April 7th to April 11th!

I’ve tried to motivate my students in various ways throughout the years (here & here), but this was a little different. I decided to have a little fun with my 7th Graders. On Thursday, we brainstormed for ideas that would embarrass Mr. Sye (me) as well as motivate students if they met/exceeded a certain level on their upcoming state standardized tests. There were several outrageous suggestions, but the classes settled on having me change my hair color. On Friday, I gave each of my Literature classes the following announcement: Have you ever wanted to embarrass Mr. Sye? Here is your chance! Mr. Sye has agreed to bleach his facial hair blonde as well as what little hair he has on his scalp Of course, there is a catch. He has challenged his 7th Graders on their upcoming AIMS (Arizona’s Instrument for Measuring Standards) test. If 95% of 7th Graders either meet or exceed the state standards (Literature Assessment), it will happen at the beginning of next school year…  Are you up for the challenge?

They seemed very excited to embarrass their teacher. I’m not sure if I should be offended or laugh out loud. One student yelled out, “We can do that no problem.” They asked me if I was really going to follow through. I told them, if 95% achieved meets or exceeds status on the AIMS test, you can count on it (see signed AIMS Challenge pictured above just to make it official). Hopefully, they will  rise to the challenge;) I did this for two reasons, give the students a laugh and provide a little extra push to do their best on the upcoming assessments. As a teacher, I know I have prepared them for many things, and these tests are one of them. Parents, please remember to have your student here on time and ready to go. We will return to our regularly scheduled Language Arts classes on April  14th.

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