Ludacris Announces Classroom Contest Winner [Video]

As the holiday season approaches, students have been getting anxious to find out who the winner will be for the Soul By Ludacris Headphone Contest. As an added bonus, Ludacris gave a special shout out to announce the class winner. The winner was extremely happy as well as shocked that Ludacris took the time to give her a special mention.

Contest Winner receives these headphones...

Contest Winner receives these headphones…

A little about the contest, students were challenged for the first two quarters to earn the highest overall average in Language Arts/Literature class. Students were given the basic ground rules at the beginning of the year. I wanted to keep it simple and fairly straight forward.  The way I obtained those averages to determine the winner was pretty basic. I took Quarter 1 + Quarter 2, and I divided by 2. The winner will receive the headphones at Friday’s Honors Assembly. This will surely put a smile on one student’s face during the holiday season. This contest will also serve as a good life lesson for the students. When you work hard for things, you give yourself an opportunity for good things to happen. On that same note, there is only one pair of headphones, so working hard, just like in life, might not get you what you want all the time. That being said, you still have to put forth the effort to give yourself an opportunity to be successful.

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