Impromptu Nelson Mandela Activity (5W’s)

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

As twitter erupted about Paris Hilton’s confusion between Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King’s famous words from the I Have a Dream speech, I wondered if the younger generation would even know the difference if I pointed out her error (turned out to be a hoax). That being said, my main objective for today’s activity will be for students to gain better comprehension of who Nelson Mandela was. I came up with a quick way when I read an article(s) [here] & [here]. I will begin the activity with a bell work prompt, what do you know about Nelson Mandela? I would like gauge student’s prior knowledge before I assume they don’t know who he is/was. The students will then read a combined article to get a better understanding of Nelson Mandela. After the students complete the reading, we will come back together to converse about the content of the article in order to gain better comprehension. I have created a handout [here] that has the 5W’s on it as a way to guide the conversation in the classroom…

*update: Due to time constraints, we didn’t get to complete the activity. On Monday, we will continue with a view & respond using the 5W’s. We will view Miracle Rising South Africa via The History Channel (below). The class will work on (7.SL.1) & (7.SL.5) common core speaking/listening standards with this view & respond about South Africa/Nelson Mandela. One of my main objectives with this type of view and respond is to engage, effectively, in a range of collaborative discussions (one-on-one, in groups, and teacher-led) on topics, texts, and issues, building on others’ ideas and expressing their own point(s) of views clearly. I hope to reach that outcome through the multimedia source presented as well as the news story that has been previously handed out  to the students.

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