Lunch Walk #LetsGetMoving



I’ve decided to put together two lunch activities with the Junior High students – both are optional. It’s twofold. On Mondays & Thursdays, I’m going to invite them to get active outside with a lunch time walk. I think it’s important to stay active or at least get moving after you eat – something I need to be more committed too. I figured on the days that I have extra time during lunch, I might as well start taking walks. Luckily, I have a nice big playground to do the walking. I’m currently trying to lose some weight, and I would like some walking buddies 😉 I also think this would be a nice opportunity to build with students outside of the classroom setting. That being said, I try to go out to the playground during lunch to converse with students at least once a week. I might as well be walking when I’m talking.

On Tuesdays & Fridays (I do a majority of my grading those days), I’m going to offer my classroom for students wanting a quite area to do homework or to catch up on work that they “forgot” to do 😉 I will be handing this flier (here) out on Monday, and these will be totally optional activities. I’m not sure how many students will actually be interested, so we will see how it goes. If anybody has ever done this, I’m open to suggestions on how to get more people involved…

4 thoughts on “Lunch Walk #LetsGetMoving

  1. At the primary school where I teach in South Africa, we have a 1km walk-it circuit around the perimeter of our sports field. There are several stations where the children stop to do exercises – e.g running up and down steps, pull-ups on a bar, sit ups, hop scotch, monkey bars, burpies, star jumps etc. The teachers are required to take the children out at least once per day to do this circuit – our aim is to ensure that children move and maintain a good level of fitness. The children love it and can do it during break (recess) or after school too if they wish. The teachers ensure they do warm up exercises at the beginning and cool down at the end. It is their choice whether they accompany the children on the circuit:-)

    • That sounds awesome! That being said, in our Junior High, we rotate classes. I don’t see the same students during the day and definitely no recess for the 7th & 8th Graders. Junior High does have gym class, but I thought I’d offer this to them as well. Some students look bored out of their mind during lunch;) Might as well give them an opportunity to get some good old fashion exercise in to cure that boredom…

  2. Wow what a good idea! I am not a regular teacher at our local schools, but I do substitute some. It is good to see that they offer you some flexibility to be able to offer students activities like this. In the schools I substitute at they will not allow students out of the lunch room during lunch time to do an activity like this. To me I think an opportunity like this would allow the students to get rid of some of that excess energy and maybe you wouldn’t see as many behavioral problems. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    • Exactly! If you don’t let kids burn off some energy, it’s bound to find it’s way in the classrooms. I used to love lunch time when I went to school, K-8. Thanks for stopping by…

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