Schools Out For Summer

Outside fun, potluck, and Back to the Future III

Outside fun, potluck, and Back to the Future III

We have come to the end of the year, and school is now officially out for the summer. We’ve all said our goodbyes, and 8th Grade Graduation is tonight. My 7th Grade homeroom had a potluck style buffet, and the students all enjoyed good food as well as Back To The Future III. I will miss this group of students, but it is time for the next step in their academic journey. Over the summer, I will find out how they did in regards to the state standardized tests (AIMS) as will they. That being said, I already know that I have prepared them well as they enter the 8th Grade.

The majority of students will be returning for their 8th Grade year, but a few won’t. Those were the hardest goodbyes. I told them my door is always open for them to stop by and say hello. For those leaving the state, I let them know the blog is open to say hello as well. This group of students was, perhaps, the best group I’ve had thus far. I know you’re not supposed to say that as a teacher, but I think it will be okay;) I let them all know I appreciated them as well as their behavior during the year. I’m looking forward to July 25th when Teacher Orientation starts, and in the meantime I will go into hibernation… I will have a busy summer. My first child will be born, so sleep will be a hot commodity after July.

I will keep this blog updated periodically until then, enjoy the summer…

12 thoughts on “Schools Out For Summer

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  2. Hello, thank for liking my blog. Two congratulations, first for your first child, second for been a teacher. We need good ones in there! And regarding not telling them that they were the best class, I disagree that it is bad. I used to do that (when I was a teacher) and it turns out that students want to compete with each other on been the best, so the next classes would work hard to “better” themselves over the previous class. So it is not really bad. The bad part is telling a class that they are bad! πŸ™‚ Redundancy?

    Congratulations once more and keep it up!

  3. Lovely to read about a different system; you in the USA & me in the UK. Some things are not different though. You obviously love your vocation. I look forward to reading more about you. Enjoy the rest & good luck for the forthcoming little one’s birth πŸ™‚ x

  4. Wow your school year ends so early compared to ours! We just ended June 19! Congrats on the baby! I just had mine so I know what sleepless nights feel like!

    • Thank you… We start August 1st tough, so it evens out to roughly 180 days of school during the year. If I remember correctly when I was in school, we started a little bit after Labor Day… Didn’t get out until mid-June though.

  5. Good for you being so prepared and ready to go. I’m still working on it. I like how you put resources here on your blog and make them available for other educators. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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