How To Keep Kids Engaged & Involved [#SummerTime]


#ExtrinsicReward #SugarFreeCandy

Did I mention, we have about 25 days until Summer Vacation? How do you keep kids active & engaged in class with about 25 days left until Summer Break? All of these questions ran through my head yesterday morning because I noticed a few students checking out. I wanted to do something fun as well as on task with the classroom discussion. I’m lucky that this group of kids is a great bunch as well as easy to please.

The activity is simple, and it occurs during as well as after direct instruction when it’s time to check for comprehension. Whoever has the most amount of money by the end of class will be the winner (see picture). You might be asking, how do the students earn this “money?” It’s pretty simple, the more correct questions answered during comprehension checks equals play money as well as a small prize at the end of class… Extrinsic reward, you bet’cha;)

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