Literature Class Activity – “Brain Study”

Brain Study Jumble

Brain Study Jumble

I found this on Instagram, and I thought it would keep my Language Arts/Literature students entertained for about 5 minutes;) I’m encouraging them to read like detectives, so this should be a fun activity for them. I will give each student a handout of the picture to the left. Students will be working on their decoding skills. Students will get about 5 minutes to decode the message. The first student to decode the message will get a prize.

We are currently in the middle of AIMS testing, and today we have a break. I would like to reinforce the idea that it is important to read things carefully in order to gain understanding. This looks like a fun way to bring home that message.

Ps. The validity of the following: “if you can read this, you have a strong mind” is still in question…

Answer is [here]

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