Letter Writing Workshop – Persuasive Letter

Persuasion - the art of getting what you want...

Persuasion – the art of getting what you want…

Over the couple of weeks, the class has participated in several Letter Writing Workshops [here]. The first workshop was to review format and rules. Second workshop was a Persuasive Letter Writing Activity w/ format review & ticket out of class using COPS Error Monitoring Strategy to correct mistakes. The final workshop will be similar to the previously mentioned workshop.

[more details] Today the class will be prompted by the bell work to brainstorm about a school problem that they wish to address. The issue may include the following: bullying, school uniforms, school lunch options, school field trips, etc-etc. Students will then proceed to write the letter using the correct format for semi-formal letter writing. Students will focus on 5 key elements in the body of a persuasive letter after they have made sure to properly format their letter. Those 5 key elements are as follows:

1)      Introduce yourself

2)      State Your Problem (do not complain too much just state problem in reasonable fashion)

3)      Provide realistic solutions

4)      Close the letter by thanking them for their time (give a possible time line to address problem)

5)      Closing Salutation (Thank you for your time or Sincerely)

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