Children’s Book Assignment was a success

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The students put forth great effort with this assignment. I had about 95% participation with this assignment. A few students were still putting their finishing touches on the assignments as the due date past, but they will still have an opportunity for credit if they turn it in.  This assignment was different from most because for this assignment, I let students work in collaborative groups. However, I let students have the option to work individually as well. Some students worked well together while others struggled to creatively coexist. Those that chose to work in groups learned a valuable lesson – working with friends doesn’t workout all the time. I let them know that it was something they would have to work around as well as through as they continued their academic journey. They smiled and took it all in stride. Overall, the students enjoyed working together as well as presenting their children’s books that had valuable lessons for their younger relatives. I encouraged them from the beginning to keep their audience in mind, and I let them know this would make for a good gift for their younger brother, sister, or cousin.

If you would like to view the assignment and rubric, please view here >>> Children’s Book Assignment  & Rubric. The task was as follows – students will have the option to work in collaborative groups in roles of a writer, illustrator and editor to develop a children’s book. Furthermore, students will create a children’s book with a lesson to be learned in language that a child would be entertained as well as informed.

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